HHC Disposable Vape Pen – 2 Pack

  • Compact disposable vape pen
  • 1ml cartridge per vape pen
  • 95% HHC
  • 2 vapes per pack
  • Rechargeable vape pen



2 pack of 1ML disposable vapes, including 2 strains of either Sour Diesel and Northern Lights or Blue Dream and Wedding Cake. These compact disposable vape pens contain 1ML of HHC and easily fit in your pocket to make it easy to smoke on the go.

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HHC Disposable

Disposable vape cartridges are great options for consumers that are on the go and prefer discreet consumption. Today, you can find numerous types of disposable vapes on the market — including brand-new HHC disposables. 

What is an HHC Disposable? 

An HHC disposable is a vape cartridge and pen duo that comes pre-filled with HHC extract. You simply puff on the HHC disposable like you would a regular vape pen until it’s empty. At that point, you dispose of it — it’s as easy as that. You cannot refill these vape pens; they’re made to be thrown out once they’re finished.

The HHC cannabinoid is still somewhat new in the cannabis market. Short for hexahydrocannabinol, HHC is a mildly psychoactive, semi-synthetic cannabinoid that produces effects similar to delta 8 THC.

In order to make HHC, professional extractors must first take the hemp plant and isolate CBD from it. Once they have the CBD extract, the CBD undergoes a process called hydrogenation. Essentially, the extractors combine the extracted CBD with hydrogen molecules, and this chemical reaction creates HHC. When they have the HHC purified and filtered, they simply add the oil-based substance into a disposable vape pen and they’re ready to be smoked.

You can find HHC disposables in various strains, flavors, and potencies depending on what appeals to you most. Like other disposable vape pens, you’ll come across an HHC disposable pen in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to provide you with unique HHC experiences. You’ll find something for everyone at CannaAid.

Why CannaAid is the Best for HHC Disposable Vapes 

CannaAid is the best place to turn to for HHC disposables for so many reasons. In a time when so many brands are trying their hand at HHV vapes, CannaAid has spent years perfecting our HHC products. Thus, we can guarantee they’re of the highest quality and only contain ingredients you feel comfortable consuming.

If you ever want to know exactly what is inside our HHC disposable vape collection, you can check out our third-party lab-test results. These COAs demonstrate the purity levels of our products, illustrating that we’ve had them tested for various impurities — and they all come out clean. You can also see exact cannabinoid levels within our products thanks to these test results. In general, you should never buy an HHC vape pen from a brand that doesn’t have COAs available for viewing. After all, what do they have to hide? 

Here at CannaAid, we make sure our HHC disposable vape pens are available at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to break the bank just to find a product you enjoy. Plus, we ship our products to all 50 states in the US, so you can get your disposable vape in a matter of days. No matter what you’re interested in buying — an HHC vape pen or something totally different — CannaAid is here to be your one-stop-shop for all things cannabinoids. 

Our Various HHC Disposable Products 

If you’re searching for high-quality HHC products for sale, then look no further than CannaAid. Our online store is always stocked full of the best HHC products possible, including our line of disposables.

You can purchase our two-pack of HHC disposable vapes, allowing you to try two top-shelf strains for the price of one. Our two-pack comes with one sativa and one indica pen; you can choose between Northern Light and Sour Diesel, or Blue Dream and Wedding Cake. Both of these indica/sativa options make for an excellent pairing, as you can enjoy the sativa pen throughout the day for stimulation, while the indica will be ideal once your day comes to a close. 

Each of these pens contains 95% HHC, giving you both a pure and a potent cannabinoid experience. These HHC disposables are rechargeable, too, so you don’t have to worry about them dying before you’ve finished the extract. You can simply recharge them and finish them up whenever you’re ready. After all, we all puff at different paces! 

CannaAid’s two-pack of HHC disposable pens is the perfect choice for any cannabis consumer curious about the effects of HHC. Simply find the strain pairing you enjoy most and then we’ll handle it from there. Before you know it, you’ll have your new favorite HHC vape waiting for you right at your door.


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Sour Diesel & Northern Lights, Blue Dream & Wedding Cake


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